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NJ Employees Charitable Campaign

Aug 29, 2019 | 2019-2020

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CCFA participated in New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign

Yolanda L. Robinson, dedicated CCFA volunteer and parent partner, represents our mission “families learning and achieving together” at the New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign Thursday August 29th at the NJ Department of Labor. The Labor Day Classic/NJECC Agency Fair event was coordinated by Susan O’Brien, Campaign Manager NJ Employees Charitable Campaign.

“It was an incredible event in celebration of the contributions of workers in multiple State Departments, complete with food trucks, DJ, classic cars and motorcycles” – Ms. Robinson.

This is the first year that New Jersey State Employees will be able to donate to the Center for Child and Family Achievement a Trenton based nonprofit agency committed to breaking the cycle of family poverty, during Charitable Campaign.

CCFA awarded certificate to Yolanda Robinson for participation in the NJECC Labor Day Classic.