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CCFA Anti-Racism Statement

Jun 12, 2020 | 2020-2021

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CCFA Anti-Racism Statement

The work that Center for Child and Family Achievement does to mitigate the impacts of poverty on learning outcomes largely effects Black and Brown communities. Racial discrimination and injustice in education, employment and other environments quite often leave Black families with limited access to the resources that empower the American Dream. Our prayer during this time in the history of our Nation, when we face questions about how best to address our health and physical safety, is that CCFA advances the conversation about supporting academic achievement for poor families who have been systemically denied equity and inclusion in our educational system. When we do this successfully, we build on our big idea to offer people everywhere the tools to negotiate a world that equitably fuels the pursuit of every dream.

Wanda Webster Stansbury
Founder and Executive Director
Center for Child and Family Achievement