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CCFA’s Girls SWIM to ROW

Jan 7, 2022 | 2021-2022

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CCFA’s Girls SWIM to ROW, Partnership with Mercer County Parks Commission, Hamilton YMCA, Capital YMCA, Princeton National Rowing Association and the CCFA

We celebrate the accomplishments of six girls from Trenton, ages 11-13th who completed SWIM to ROW a 3-month intensive swimming program. One parent stated, “My granddaughter Mazori, loves the water, my greatest fear was her drowning. She knows how to swim now and I can relax!” All of the girls improved in areas of personal development and leadership, “My daughter has blossomed into a more confident and responsible person from being a part of SWIM to ROW”. Each student received a $100 gift card to purchase swim gear, which included a bathing suit, sweatsuit, towel, bathing cap, goggles, masks, hand sanitizer, and water bottle.

The girls demonstrated a passion and commitment for SWIM to ROW, with perfect attendance and a few excused absences. Parents shared that SWIM to ROW also motivated their girls regarding academic performance with all girls improving their grades and 4 of the girls making Honor Roll. Kewyana, a 4th grader at Monument School excitedly said, “One day you will see me on a Rowing Team at the Olympics, the rowing machine is hard but kinda fun.”

Transportation was provided free of cost, by the Capital Area YMCA, twice a week. SWIM to ROW Instruction was conducted by the Hamilton Area YMCA and the Princeton National Rowing Association at their facilities. This gave the girls a wonderful opportunity to leave Trenton and expand their vision of themselves.

Wanda McNeil from Mercer County Park Commission worked closely with all the partners Mr. Sam Frisby, Capital YMCA, Nicole Brizuga and Jill Makkay of Hamilton YMCA, Kristopher Grudt and Arlynn Baer from the Princeton National Rowing Association in partnership with us.
The second phase which will take place one day per week is scheduled to begin in early January thru April 2022, with other phases including rowing offered. SWIM to ROW is a unique experience for parents to engage with their children. Ms. Victoria Bush volunteered as the lead parent chaperone, going with the girls to each session.

We also worked with this group of community partners in the 2020 school year to sponsor a group of 5 boys from Trenton in SWIM to ROW.
Our mission is simple to give children in Trenton dynamic experiences to achieve their potential. This only happens when we partner with one another.