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Boys and Girls Club STEM Conference

Nov 10, 2022 | 2022-2023

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CCFA sponsors 8 students from our STEM cohort to attend the Boys Girls Club Mercer County’s STEM Conference on November 10th. The day included a comprehensive STEM interactive curriculum, exploring science, advancement in technology, engineering activities, and in-depth activities examining math and the future.

The CCFA STEM cohort is students in grades 4th – 8th who attended our STEM Summer Camps, Parent Cafe Cooking Classes, and Nature Camps. Incentives to attend the Conference included parents being reimbursed for the $30.00 registration fee, $10.00 for travel, and students earning a $20.00 Target gift card.

This is what students said about their experience: I enjoyed the motivational speaker, loved making the roller coaster, enjoyed making the suspension bridge, enjoyed learning how games I play are made and enjoyed having somewhere to go when school is closed. I also loved being around other kids my age. Other students shared, ”It was so cool! I was able to help with some of the lessons. I hope I can attend again next year!”  “It was so much fun! I met new friends and I learned a lot! “