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Books & Treats

Oct 31, 2022 | 2022-2023, Articles

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The Center for Child and Family Achievement’s(CCFA) 8th Annual “ Books & Treats” was held at the Jefferson Intermediate School and Wilson Homes yesterday. It was a joyous time filled with bags of sweet treats and fun hand toys for all 4th Graders at Jefferson. CCFA students who live in Wilson Homes and participated in our Summer Camp Programs and SWIM to ROW also were given treats. Special Thanks, to our partners Christine’s Hope for Kids and Susan Rhoda -Hansen who donated over 160 treat bags. Over 600 books were donated by Morrisville Presbyterian Church and Trenton Free Public Library, students at Jefferson School were given a bundle of 4 books each, to inspire reading, home libraries, and promote school attendance. Thank you and appreciation to Jefferson Intermediate School’s Ms.Nadia Ramcharan, Principal, Patricia Planter, Parent Liaison, Teia Robertson, and Victoria Bush, CCFA Volunteers for an amazing day!